Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today was....embaressing.

Today was an....interesting day to say the least. There were some goods and embarrassings. 

The Good
  • My teacher unknowingly gave me a birthday present and canceled class on Friday. Oh yeah!
  • I don't have that much homework.
  • I will soon no longer be a teenager :)
  • Got a job this week! 
  • Might be getting my dream bike:)
The Embarrassing
  • So, there I was walking on the top floor of the library and I was clearly not paying attention because things like this do not happen to people who are paying attention. So, there I was walking and then BAM...I walk right into the security detector. And it gets better....there's a security desk right by it and the lady at the desk made an "ohhhhh" noise...she saw it coming. Dangit.
  • I was in my last class today sitting there and minding my good old business when I realize that my foot is caught in an elastic string (in a loop shape, so when it gets gets stuck)  from the coat that is lying on my lap. So there I am trying to get my foot out and I am finally successful, but only to realize that one of my classmates is laughing hysterically at me. Thanks a bunch :)

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