Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 Year!

Happy One Year Anniversary to my husband who isn't with me right now. I did however get to talk to him today for 16 minutes (which is the longest conversation  at one time since he left almost 3 weeks ago). It's kind of crazy that he has already been gone for almost 3 weeks now. I am glad though because it has gone by pretty quickly, I just hope it keeps going fast! I celebrated my anniversary today with my family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with cake and everything. It was fun, but it will be more fun next year with my husband actually being with me :) In a little over a week from now, I will be boarding a plane to head back to Idaho and begin yet another semester of school. I am now a junior, how crazy is that!?! I really cannot believe how fast it has gone by. I love my husband and I am so glad he is doing well. Until next time :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welp. It's happened.

Welp, it's happened. Jeff has left until December. Surprisingly, I have been alright so far. Of course I've cried a little here and there, but who wouldn't? I am in Ohio now, so my brother Ian and sister Sydney have kept me really busy. We like to jump on the trampoline, watch tangled a million times, and snack throughout the whole entire day. It's pretty much "the life" if you ask me! It's a lot easier to not cry when I am surrounded by my family 24/7, but when I get back to Idaho, that will be a different story, but that is when I am going to start getting my craft on! I even have a craft blog where I will keep track of my craftiness. So, if you want, go ahead and follow it! It's official, in 10 days, Jeff and I will have been married for one year! I cannot believe that it has already been a year! Time has flown by so fast! I remember our wedding day like it was just yesterday and now we are one year later! I sure love my husband! :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Who says there's such thing as too much fun?!

Many things have been going on over here lately. Jeff and I decided that we wanted to get a car before he left so I would have something a little more reliable to drive. We decided that we really liked Mazda 3's so we started to look at those and realized that they are really hard to come by. So we tried to branch out a little bit, but we didn't really find anything that met our budget or our expectations. One day I was browsing not thinking anything would come of it because I had just looked there about 2 days earlier and there wasn't anything too promising, but I just so happened to find a MAZDA 3 2007!! In BLACKFOOT! So I told Jeff that we needed to go look at it, so we did and long story short....we got it and we LOVE it. It's such a great little car! Here is a picture of it:
The only downside is that it is a manual transmission, so I have been brushing up on my driving. I'd say I am pretty decent for the amount of time and experience I have had with a stick shift (which is next to nothing). Oh Rexburg hills, here I come!!

For our early 1 year anniversary, we went to a themed hotel in Pocatello, Red Lobster, and mountain biking (a couple days ago). Here are some pictures of all that!

Us at Red Lobster, they have great food for a great price if you use the coupon on their website, we highly recommend it!

The tub with the water coming out of this guy's mouth

Waterfall right next to the bed (it had 2 fish in it!)
Our wall art

Leopard Print Bedding

Shower in a fake tree trunk :)
Us after our bike ride :)

And then on our way home....the Jimmy broke down (6 days after we got our new car)...and this was the view as we waited to be rescued...

We are glad we got a new car :) We also moved into our new apartment, but I haven't taken any pictures yet...I will get on that and post them. We love our new apartment. It's so spacious compared to our other apartment!