Thursday, March 15, 2012

Almost there...

This week has been a little crazy for a few reasons.
Craziness was due to:
  • Beginning training for a new job. Yeah Yeah, it's only at a call center, but it's been a little crazy trying to prioritize (what with homework and all).
  • I had a science test today that I was worried about all week. I studied and studied for it and even went to a little study sesh....and that's how I earned my A ladies and gentleman. That made the whole week pretty rough.
  • I had a class canceled today. Yeah, one would say that is an exciting thing and it was, only it threw off my whole day today. (****Another embarrassing story to come..)I woke up this morning with the intention of studying (in which time I would normally be in my geography class, was canceled) and that is exactly what I did. I got up, got ready, had a music jam session, and studied. I then went to my class only to find that my professor had already started teaching. Looked at the clock. Looked at my peers. And realized....I was 20 minutes early to class.I was in the same class, but the one right before mine. oops! The most embarrassing part was what all the people were probably thinking as I traipsed right into the classroom 5 minutes before their class ended. I knew they were all thinking You should have just stayed home. What good is 5 minutes going to do you? And in my head....Please oh please don't judge. Give me the benefit of the doubt. 
More on the new job. I work at a call center here in town and my last day of training is the day after tomorrow and I am pretty excited to start chattin' it up on the phone. It's so nice to finally have a job though, I feel like I have applied to nearly every company in the city.

I got a bike for my birthday. I had a great birthday by the way. I am excited that I can finally say that I am no longer a teenager!! Woot Woot!! Just rocking my 20's now, baby!'s my bike:

Jeff says it is a pretty nice bike and I like the way it we are both happy :) We went for a bike ride tonight and it was fun, but every time I ride, I realize how badly out of shape I am. I can guarantee you I won't be after this summer though.

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