Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One More Month!!!

Well, it is official...ONE MORE MONTH and I will be Mrs. Whitley Dahl. I am so excited. I wish I could explain just how excited I am. People ask me if I am nervous to get married and I think to myself Heck NO! I am marrying my best friend. What's scary about that? Right now it is just really hard for me to be away from him. It is the hardest thing to be away from your best friend especially if you are engaged to them. That's alright though because in 28 days from now I will see him and that will be such a happy day. Crazy couple of days that's for sure with all the last minute wedding plans. It will be a very exciting time though. I am so excited for my parents to go out there and see where I have been. Idaho is a really neat place, if you have never been or are not my Rexburg pals, I  really recommend it. It is so much fun. I think I just love it because it's country. And one thing that's on my mind right now is awkward newly married couples. To all of our friends, we promise we won't be that way. Promise. Okay, sorry I am rambling. Forgive? Okay, good. Anyways, I am very excited for what this next month has to bring! Wish us luck!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Part 2 of The Most Incredible Week EVERR!

Thursday morning Jeff basically told me that I was sleeping in because we both went to bed super late. I am so grateful for him. He is so great to me. I am such a lucky girl. After he got done with his classes, he came back and woke me up. I hated waking up, but loved having him there to do it. He is my best friend. That day we went to Pocatello, Idaho to a wedding decoration place called Country Creations. It was the best. The lady was so helpful. She basically has a barn next to her house where she does all her business. She has wedding backdrops, all the table clothes, and even tables. Doing it there made it so easy. Wish we had one in Ohio, but it's not wedding country out here. Welcome to Idaho; It's in the potatoes! Before we went back to Idaho Falls, we decided to grab some lunch at Wendy's. Here's Jeff and I. We probably looked silly doing this since it was in front of the door, but that's alright. haha

After we came back and waited for John (Jeff's brother) to get back from work and went to the courthouse to get our wedding license. When we got there, we had no idea where to go. So we decided something with the name of social in it might be a good place to start. I mean, it's kind of a social thing to get married, right? No such luck, she gave us directions to go upstairs. When we got to the top, we had to go through a mini security thing (just to make sure we weren't trying to bring a gun into the court rooms or something). Jeff didn't have such good luck with that. I guess his shoes have nice soles that contain metal? Interesting. When we made it to the right place we were met by an unhappy lady. Oh well. We got what we wanted. While we were in there filling out paper work, though, a lady came in and told the other lady behind the desk that she was getting married in the morning and didn't know if her husband would make it in time before they closed. They told her to bring him back in the morning. They were scheduled to get married in the Idaho Falls temple at 9 the next morning. We wished her luck.

 Ya know, in the state of Idaho it only takes $28, photo I.D., and your social security number to get a wedding license. Jeff and I thought that it was funny that they made us read about STD's. ha Nope, none for us, don't you worry state of Idaho!

When we got back from that field trip, we went to a potential wedding luncheon place for dinner. It was very good. I'm sorry though, I forgot what it is called. After that we rode over on bikes to a man's (in Jeff's home ward) house who does catering to see what he could offer us for the wedding luncheon and it seemed like a "go" until the next day when he called and said that he actually can't do it, so that part is still in the works, but we'll figure it out. After we made that stop, Jeff, me, John, and his friend Cindy went to see Transformers 3. I thought that it was a really good movie, but I don't think Jeff liked it as much.

The next day was Friday and normally Friday's make me happy, but not when I know that I am leaving someone great in a matter of a couple days. That morning I went with Jeff to his science class with him, it was fun. I just love being with him, it doesn't matter what we are doing. After class we sat in the MC (also known as the cafeteria) and I ate food and we just hung out. He left me a while later to go to work and my friends showed up a little after that.

I told all my friends to meet me there so I could give them a wedding announcement. One of them actually has a blog; LaKesha, I met her in math class first semester! It is almost impossible to meet up with all of my friends in one week. It makes for a surely crazy week! After that I hung out with my roommate Brooklyn and Kylee and their roomates for a while at their apartment talking about getting married. We had a nice talk. His parents then picked me up and we stopped by the taco bus on the way to his work. They dropped me off and I spent the night there helping him and his friend Grayden make ice cream for Reed's Dairy. It was fun but tiring. That night we stayed up late once again. It was so much fun. I am in love with this man.

The next morning me, Jeff, and hos mom all left for Utah. When we got to his grandparents house in Ogden, we took his grandma with us and went to this craft store called Quilted Bear. This was in an effort to find ties for all the men in the immediate family for the wedding. We found 4 of the same ones and had to deal with a few different other ones. I think it will still look very nice though. When we got back, Jeff and I went to Salt Lake. First we hit temple square. I love temple square. It is always so much fun. It makes me want to be a missionary, but it looks like that won't happen (not me being single anyways), that's okay though. I am ready to marry my best friend. I got my temple dress that day, so that was really exciting. Later we went to the Gateway mall not too far away. I love this mall because it is outside. I think outside malls are so much fun. I enjoy myself. We ate Panda Express for dinner and it was so yummy! I wish we had them here in Ohio, but it's probably better that we don't. After walking around for a while, we left to go see Jamie, Ryan, and the twins. We ended up going to Dillard's and other stores with them to find some wedding outfits. After that we got back to his grandparents house and said bye to Jamie and Ryan. Jeff and I stayed up late that night, once again. It seems to be routine around him. And the next day was so sad. We went to sacrament meeting at a church down the road and then we went back to his grandparents house. About an hour later we headed for the airport. I was sad the whole way down, but tried to make the most of it. We got to the airport and parked. We waited in this line to get my ticket that took forever and waited in a forever long security line. I didn't want to say goodbye. I was standing in the security line and he came over to me and kissed me across the separator and that was the last kiss I will get from him until 2 days before our wedding. I love him dearly and I am the luckiest girl on the planet!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 1 of The most Incredible Week Ever!

Where to begin? I guess I will start from the beginning. Let me just say really quick that this has been the most fun week I have ever had. Jeff and I always have so much fun together and it doesn't really even matter what we are doing. We would have fun if we were stuck in an elevator for hours!
I got into the Salt Lake international airport around 11 PM on July 1st. Jeff's dad met me at the airport because he was already in the area. We drove from Salt Lake to Idaho falls that night and finally arrived at their house the next morning at 3. Seeing Jeff was the best thing ever. I am going to be a little mushy really quick, but seeing him made me feel like I was home. I am just so comfortable around him; he makes me so at ease. We stayed up until somewhere between 4:30 and 5. Even though I was super tired the next day, it was completely worth it. Jeff's sister, Jamie and her husband Ryan were in town for the holiday weekend and they wanted to go to the Bodies Exhibition so we left the house that morning to go. If you have never seen this and you aren't too queasy, it is such an educational opportunity that you should go and see! When we got back from that Jeff's aunt Karen and daughter Marcie were waiting in the driveway. They came to be at my bridal shower a few hours later that day. We got a lot of neat things at my shower. We got a really cute apron, bunch of cook books, another set of silverware, 2 really nice pillows, and a framed picture of the Idaho Falls temple. It was really really fun!
 Monday, the fourth of July + Jeff's birthday was really fun. When I woke up I ran to his room to wake him up to give him his presents. I made him a photo book on shutterfly and bought him a yo-yo. He has always told me that he loves to yoyo and he taught himself how to when he was very young, but I didn't know how good until I saw him around the house playing with it. My man can yo-yo! After that we got up and got ready to go to breakfast with Sam and Caira. Sam has been Jeff's friend for a very long time. Sam and Caira got married in January and since meeting Jeff, we have all become good friends. Jeff and I will actually be living at the same place they are as of September 1st!After a very fun breakfast with them Jeff and I went to the fourth of July parade. It was fun. After the parade ended, Jeff and I ran some errands and laid on the trampoline in their back yard. We hung out all day until later that night when we went to the fireworks! Did you know that Idaho Falls has the biggest firework show west of the Mississippi? Welp, now ya do! :) I had such a great time just sitting there holding hands with my best friend.
This is the best shot I could get

Me on the way to the fireworks

Jeff on the way to the fireworks, isn't he the cutest? :)
Tuesday morning Jeff and I left for Rexburg because, for Jeff, it was back to reality (school). While Jeff was in class, I went to go see my old roommate Lizzie. She is so great and so much fun. We were planning on rooming together during winter semester, but since I will be married, I guess that won't be happening. That's okay though, we will still be close friends. After Jeff got out of class we went to my storage unit to see what was in there and it turns out that him and I already have a dinnerware set for 8 (plates, bowels, cups, etc...) and a really nice cookware set. We went to Sam and Caira's apartment to see what it will look like where we will be living. It is really cute actually; small, but  for 2 people, how much room do you really need? That night we went to the sand dunes with Jeff's friend Grayden and his girl (no they aren't dating)  friend (kaitlyn). Wednesday I went with Jeff to his New Testament class where the discussion was about Jesus and the washing of the feet; it was a really interesting lesson. After his classes ended, we met Susan (his mom) back in Idaho Falls to look at cupcake stores for the wedding reception. And we ate together as a family that night at dinner and had family scripture study. Jeff then continued working on a project he had and then we watched a movie and cuddled together. Cuddling with him is like a little slice of heaven on earth :)