Friday, March 30, 2012's almost that time again.

I am writing with t-minus one week left of the semester and man does it feel good to be almost done until September! I have some pretty good stories from the past little while. First, let me start off by mentioning how lucky I have been recently! I have won 2 giveaways! 2!!! The first one I won was from Scentsy Agent Shayna Jo Hawker. And you can like her on facebook as well. I won a cute little scentsy warmer and 25 dollars to spend on anything my heart desired at scentsy. The warmer I won looks like this:

I love it already!! :) And with the $25 dollars I chose 6 different wax scents to use with it. I chose:

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Coconut Lemongrass*
Baked Apple
Cucumber Lime
Oats and Honey*
Vanilla Cream

*These ones are my favorite :)

And the second giveaway was a date night that included a 25 dollar gift card and 2 free movie tickets! YEAH!

How's work you might ask? Work is fine. I worked tonight, and I got 9 completed surveys in 2 and a half hours and that is the most I have ever gotten in one night!! YEAH! I am grateful for this job, but I really cannot wait to be a teacher. I love children and would rather spend my time with them than on the phone.


I was in the MC (cafeteria place) someday this week I forget (Thursday maybe?) and I was just sitting there at a table studying my brains out like I always do at this point in a semester when this guy walks right up and asks if he can sit by me and of course I said sure. Then I proceeded to scan the MC and trust me when I say that my table was not the only table available. haha He started talking to me and asking me a ton of questions. I mean anything you can think of, where are you from, what's your life story (basically), etc...Then he says "So, you're a freshman, right" haha I laughed and said no, but I that wasn't surprised that he had thought that. Then after a non-stop 20 minute conversation, I was back to my studying.

 Jeff and I recently began reading the Hunger Games books and they are so great!! We love them. I started them before him, but he caught up and even passed me so at a point, we had to share the second book (that was not the easiest thing to do, but it was funny having 2 bookmarks in one book) ...but now he's on to the third book....little stinker ;) I am excited to finish them though! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Well, I won't bore you with more stories, so I will stop now! Have a great weekend! Do something fUn!

P.S. This weekend is General Conference and I am really excited to listen to our Prophet and apostles! You can find what they say to us HERE! You really should check it out :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I know...

I had a great weekend this past weekend. Even though Jeff went out of town early Saturday morning, I had a fun and productive Saturday. I had my last day of job training at 9:30 and that was probably a good thing because I might have slept in until 11 if I didn't. Job training went very well. We discussed some things and then were put out on the floor to begin dialing survey's. I remember waiting for the first person to pick up the telephone, I was so nervous that my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest. We were only on the floor for a half and hour. I did pretty well...I got two survey's done, which was a good rate they told us. I came to notice on Saturday that probably most of my surveys that I get will be from men. I think that women are so busy or I don't want to say mean, but not as friendly towards other women as men are to women. So that was my little aha moment of the day. After work I went and picked up the movie The Help from Redbox and went home. When I got home, I did three loads of laundry, a TON of homework, watched The Help (bawled my eyeballs out), made homemade chocolate chip cookies, watched some march madness basketball, and continued reading The Hunger Games (love that book!). I was a busy girl. I have been planning my homework around my job now, so I am trying to always be ahead of the game especially with finals creepin' up. I work 5:30-9pm wednesday-friday this week and I am pretty excited! :)

What I know...
I am only 20 and I know I don't know everything but I can tell you that I know there is a purpose to this life. Some people believe that there really is no purpose, that we are all born just because. I don't believe that. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves each and every one of us. It doesn't matter that we aren't perfect and He is, he still loves us all even in spite of our shortcomings. Because he loves us, he has given us prophets and apostles that lead and direct us TODAY. He knows all of us individually. We are born on this Earth because that is His plan. We are here to prove ourselves. I know that as we follow His commandments, we can have the greatest blessings He can give to us. We can be sealed and live with our families after this life and I think that is one of the greatest of all the blessings he has promised as we live worthy. I know that this is true with all my heart.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Almost there...

This week has been a little crazy for a few reasons.
Craziness was due to:
  • Beginning training for a new job. Yeah Yeah, it's only at a call center, but it's been a little crazy trying to prioritize (what with homework and all).
  • I had a science test today that I was worried about all week. I studied and studied for it and even went to a little study sesh....and that's how I earned my A ladies and gentleman. That made the whole week pretty rough.
  • I had a class canceled today. Yeah, one would say that is an exciting thing and it was, only it threw off my whole day today. (****Another embarrassing story to come..)I woke up this morning with the intention of studying (in which time I would normally be in my geography class, was canceled) and that is exactly what I did. I got up, got ready, had a music jam session, and studied. I then went to my class only to find that my professor had already started teaching. Looked at the clock. Looked at my peers. And realized....I was 20 minutes early to class.I was in the same class, but the one right before mine. oops! The most embarrassing part was what all the people were probably thinking as I traipsed right into the classroom 5 minutes before their class ended. I knew they were all thinking You should have just stayed home. What good is 5 minutes going to do you? And in my head....Please oh please don't judge. Give me the benefit of the doubt. 
More on the new job. I work at a call center here in town and my last day of training is the day after tomorrow and I am pretty excited to start chattin' it up on the phone. It's so nice to finally have a job though, I feel like I have applied to nearly every company in the city.

I got a bike for my birthday. I had a great birthday by the way. I am excited that I can finally say that I am no longer a teenager!! Woot Woot!! Just rocking my 20's now, baby!'s my bike:

Jeff says it is a pretty nice bike and I like the way it we are both happy :) We went for a bike ride tonight and it was fun, but every time I ride, I realize how badly out of shape I am. I can guarantee you I won't be after this summer though.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today was....embaressing.

Today was an....interesting day to say the least. There were some goods and embarrassings. 

The Good
  • My teacher unknowingly gave me a birthday present and canceled class on Friday. Oh yeah!
  • I don't have that much homework.
  • I will soon no longer be a teenager :)
  • Got a job this week! 
  • Might be getting my dream bike:)
The Embarrassing
  • So, there I was walking on the top floor of the library and I was clearly not paying attention because things like this do not happen to people who are paying attention. So, there I was walking and then BAM...I walk right into the security detector. And it gets better....there's a security desk right by it and the lady at the desk made an "ohhhhh" noise...she saw it coming. Dangit.
  • I was in my last class today sitting there and minding my good old business when I realize that my foot is caught in an elastic string (in a loop shape, so when it gets gets stuck)  from the coat that is lying on my lap. So there I am trying to get my foot out and I am finally successful, but only to realize that one of my classmates is laughing hysterically at me. Thanks a bunch :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sorry I am such a bad blogger... :/

Sorry I am always sporadic in my blogging. I guess you could just say that we are busy people around here. Homework, cooking, laundry, eating, sleeping....yep, BUSY! Remember how I was going to make those oreo stuffed chocolate cookies for my Geography final? Welp, I did it and it seemed to be a hit. My teacher told me that he's never seen anything like this in all his years of teaching and my fellow classmates thought they were yummy! Here's how they turned out:
I love this picture because you can see how the Oreo is crooked.

Cabin Trip
On presidents day weekend, we hitched up the Jimmy and headed to Island Park with the Reeds, Flanders, and Woods. It was really fun! The cabin belongs to Sam's grandparents and it is really swanky! Our car was supposed to go home on Saturday night and we tried driving home, but it was a blizzard out there so we turned around and stayed until Sunday afternoon.

The wifeys

Jeff and the guys were digging a cave.

The husbands doing the dishes. That was fun to watch :)

And this is one of the pictures I took on the way to Island park. Just take a look at those nice looking Stratus clouds!

Valentines Day Dinner :)
Jeff had the best idea of making empanadas! We made two kinds. We made Jamon y Queso (Ham & Cheese) and Carne (beef). I thought they were super delicious. Here are some pictures:
Here is the finished product! Delisioso!

Here is the beginnings of one of the carne.

And here's what I came home to that day (my favorite chocolate and pretty roses) :) Aww sweet husband.
 6 Month Anniversary
And the last exciting thing to mention is that Jeff and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary and went out to dinner the other night. I cannot believe we have been married for 6 months already. Time flies!