Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sorry I am such a bad blogger... :/

Sorry I am always sporadic in my blogging. I guess you could just say that we are busy people around here. Homework, cooking, laundry, eating, sleeping....yep, BUSY! Remember how I was going to make those oreo stuffed chocolate cookies for my Geography final? Welp, I did it and it seemed to be a hit. My teacher told me that he's never seen anything like this in all his years of teaching and my fellow classmates thought they were yummy! Here's how they turned out:
I love this picture because you can see how the Oreo is crooked.

Cabin Trip
On presidents day weekend, we hitched up the Jimmy and headed to Island Park with the Reeds, Flanders, and Woods. It was really fun! The cabin belongs to Sam's grandparents and it is really swanky! Our car was supposed to go home on Saturday night and we tried driving home, but it was a blizzard out there so we turned around and stayed until Sunday afternoon.

The wifeys

Jeff and the guys were digging a cave.

The husbands doing the dishes. That was fun to watch :)

And this is one of the pictures I took on the way to Island park. Just take a look at those nice looking Stratus clouds!

Valentines Day Dinner :)
Jeff had the best idea of making empanadas! We made two kinds. We made Jamon y Queso (Ham & Cheese) and Carne (beef). I thought they were super delicious. Here are some pictures:
Here is the finished product! Delisioso!

Here is the beginnings of one of the carne.

And here's what I came home to that day (my favorite chocolate and pretty roses) :) Aww sweet husband.
 6 Month Anniversary
And the last exciting thing to mention is that Jeff and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary and went out to dinner the other night. I cannot believe we have been married for 6 months already. Time flies!

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