Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 I just wanted to write a little bit and share my fun time as I visited my sweet husband three weeks ago :) It was so great to see him! After 10 weeks of not seeing my husband, I was quite ready. When I saw him and got to him, I lost it and bawled like a baby and that would explain this picture:
 My Favorite Picture of US:
We had so much fun being together again. I can't wait to have him back home next month. 5 1/2 Weeks :)

Here are some other pictures from the trip:

One of the Drill Sergeants
One of his buddies Beghun
Men from Idaho

All of us!
It was great while it lasted....I'll  be looking forward to ya December! :)

Oh and one last thing....oh hi Halloween costume! :)

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  1. That was sure nice of your in-laws to take you out there! ;) Glad you had fun!