Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snowshoeing and Airboarding

Yesterday we went snowshoeing and airboarding with some friends. You might ask what is airboarding and that is a great question because that is the same question we had when our friends wanted to know if we would go with them so we watched this video to see what it was all about. We thought it looked fun so we decided to go. We got this e-mail the night before:

 Ummmm they didn't mention anything about a mile hike with 1,000ft elevation gain until this e-mail. I'm not very cultured so this isn't saying much, but that was probably one of the most exhausting days of my 21 years of living. Here are some pictures!
The Plummers and Us!

Our Snowshoes!

Skyler, Kathryn, John, Whitley, Jeff

The view from the top of the mountain

 Even though it was an exhausting day, we had a really good time! Thanks Plummers!

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