Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mountain Biking in Teton Village

We went to Jackson for our anniversary without our mountain bikes and that was a big mistake and we were regretting it the whole time so we took off work and went back the following Friday. It was really fun. We didn't have to do the hard part (riding up the mountain) because there was a ski lift! It was an interesting day. Jeff felt sick all day which was awful because out of all the days it had to be that one. I won't even mention that he wasn't sick the day before or after that day....just that day :( Poor guy. He was a champ though!  Here are some pictures:

We saw these two little boys the weekend of our anniversary. The younger one was no older than 3 and the older one couldn't have been any older than 5. Jeff said those would be our sons and I told him I wanted our kids to be studs ha!

Oh and did I mention that I bee got stuck between my sunglasses and my face (right by my eye) and I almost crashed but didn't? But don't worry....I did get stung by that bee. Dang bee.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! It would be great to do something big 2 weeks in a row, any excuse right ;)