Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Good and The Bad

This last week was sure a roller coaster ride in many ways. One because I am always missing/thinking/crying about Jeff and two, well keep reading. 3 more weeks until I get to see him! I am scared. I am scared because I know that when I see him, I am not going to want to say goodbye for another 7 weeks. I know everything will work out alright and so far, this semester has been going by pretty quickly. Changing subjects....Monday night my computer hard drive decided to fail and Jeff's computer decided not to connect to the internet. By Thursday, I found out that my computer is toast and I can't even get any files off of it. Good thing, I don't need much, if anything off of it. So, because of that I was out of internet access for almost 24 hours which put me a tad behind on my homework (good thing I was 2 days ahead of schedule when this happened). And then came the lovely weekend! This weekend was a lot more fun than most around here and that's because my awesome cousin spent the weekend with me! I love her to death and I was so tickled that she would hang out with me. We did a lot of eating (pizza & pasta) at all hours of the night and of the day. We did some homework. We talked about her kind-of man and my man :) We watched 4+movies from The Wedding Planner to What to Expect When You're Expecting to Abduction. That was fun. I have decided that I am a movie person. Here is a picture Sheri insisted on taking to document our fun!
We HAD fun :) I also did a ton of homework, more than one should have to do in one weekend. I had to make a clay bowl and make a few posters for my art class. I also had to do some reading and another project for my Lit 1 class. Today I got a call from Jeff and it was so great. We talked about a lot of things. He told me that his most fun day since he has been there was just the other day when he got to shoot an M240 (900 rounds) for 6 hours straight! 24 Days and counting!! WOOHOOO :)

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