Saturday, July 21, 2012

Many many things happening around the Dahl House..

I will start with last weekend. Last weekend was full of mud, water, and ice cream. Last Saturday morning we woke up early and got our running clothes on. We ran the Hurdle for Hope 3k. There is a 3k and a 5k and next year we will definitely be signing up for the competitive 5k! This is not your typical race though, it was a giant obstacle course complete with rain!  It included a river, vertical wall, bails of hay, a mud pit, and a fire pit. Which obstacle scared me the worst? The fire pit. As I was approaching it, the scene that kept running through my head was me tripping and falling right into it. Not to worry though, I didn't. :)  Here are some pictures from the race:

Jeff and I beforehand


After the race we went back home and washed all the GUNK off of us and then headed to Idaho Falls. When we got there we ate at the taco wagon and then went to Scoop Jam. Scoop Jam is this festival that happens every year. You buy a wristband and get all the ice cream you can eat! Jeff and I had ice cream the night before with friends so we weren't planning on buying a wristband, but we met up with Jamie and Ryan who told us that they were just handed 4 wristbands from some random lady! Free Ice cream!! Here is a picture of us at the Scoop Jam in our race shirts!

After we had our fill of Ice Cream, Jeff and I made a trip to Lowe's and ordered our first washer and dryer!! We are so excited to have our own washer and dryer soon! This is the set we got :)

 We are moving next week and I am excited for our new place, just not so excited for packing everything. Jeff is gone this weekend at drill so I have began the packing process. I accidentally packed my I can't take a picture of all the boxes in the living room, but believe me, it's a little messy in here!

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