Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's new with us!?

There has been a lot happening lately!
1. We bought a dresser!! This bad boy was only $45 off of the BYU-I bulletin board. I have become quite fond of that place! It's a little wobbly, but it accomplishes the purpose! AND it fits perfectly in our teeny tiny bedrroom! :)
2. John (Jeff's brother) finished his Eagle project!! John's eagle project was to construct and paint three of these big guys. They are for a woman's homeless shelter. They are pretty nice and sturdy. And I would have helped, but lucky for me...I got BABY DUTY!
3. Baby Duty (It gets its own number (even though it was on the same night) because baby duty was so fun!)
I tried to get Kegan to smile, but...
It didn't really work out too well, darn it.

But then....I tried Braden
And it worked! YAY!
Then we had our little group picture which was also fun! You could just call it a photo shoot!

Yeah, so it's not the best picture (of me, my hand and brain weren't quite on the right page), but look at how precious my nephews are! I hope one day my children will be as cute as them.

4. Over Christmas break, Jeff and I found a game that we really like. Have you ever played it?

It's super fun! We recommend it!

5. We are MOVING sometime this summer (well, maybe, but most likely). 

Andd....There will be a big announcement coming up in the future. Stay Tuned! (No, we're not pregnant ha)

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  1. 1. Finally!! This was way overdue.
    2. Your nephews sure love you! Even if Kegan looks like he is posing for his mug shot!