Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ohio For Christmas :)

We went to Ohio for Christmas as the title states and sorry this is so late, but I have just been so busy with my school work and looking for a job. Yes, I am looking for a job, so if anyone knows of something, just go right ahead and let me know! :)

Ian wearing his Charlie Brown shirt at his Birthday Party! He turned 4!
Awww Syd!
Ian thinking about blowing out his candles :)
 This was a fun night because all the family came over and hung out for Ian's party. It was great to see everyone again!

Here's just some more cute pictures of Ian and Sydney. I was the camera lady for 2ish weeks!

 These two pictures of Ian and Sydney are from Christmas morning after we went to church for an hour.

This slice of a tree above is the ornament that Mom and Dad made Jeff and I! We love it And since we only have roughly 20 ornaments for our tree, we welcome almost anything. We really do love this though! It's so cute! The picture below is Ian and Sydney playing with their new kitchen! They loved it! It was really fun to watch them with it! {It made me miss the good ole' days :( }

This is just a random trip to the store. I know, it is nothing exciting, but looking at this picture makes me think about how this is probably what my life will look like in 4-5 years. I will be THAT mom driving the "car cart" down the aisles, trying to steer it without hitting anything or anyone and still maintaining my sanity. {I mean, seriously...have you ever tried pushing one of these things? They are dang hard to turn corners with!}
Now, you will have to excuse this picture because it was getting late, but I insisted on having a picture taken of us on Christmas Day. So please, don't judge.
I apologize for not having any pictures of my parents; I really DO love them! I felt like a horrible daughter just now when I realized that I had not taken a single picture of them. Dangit.

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