Sunday, October 16, 2011

A weekend of fun!

Jeff and I had a really fun weekend, but I am sad that it has ended.   Friday night we went to a really yummy Teriyaki restaurant near campus. You pay nearly $6 for a meal for two and it is so delicious. Saturday, we loaded up our biking gear and headed for Harriman State Park. We won't go into to much detail, it was quite the lengthy bike ride, but let's just say that we biked up a mountain that felt like it was the largest mountain on planet Earth. It was so much fun though. By the end I was flying down that mountain. I was Super Woman. I felt bad though because I was holding Jeff up a bit. He's done this type of thing for almost his entire life so he's pretty stinking good at it.  We had a great time and I am looking forward to doing it again.


You might not believe what I have to say next, but I had never before seen an entire Star Wars Episode in my whole 19 years of living before last night. We watched episode 3 and man, I am hooked. Jeff and I are planning a trip to the D.I. this week to get a vhs player so that we can watch the others (his parents only had that one in dvd form and the others in vhs). Can you say Star Wars marathon??

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