Thursday, September 29, 2011

One month anniversary and Our Apartment! :)

Lots of happenings! Monday was our one month anniversary and Jeff came home from work with flowers. We went to a place called Big Jud's. They have massive burgers there. Jeff and I shared one and we were stuffed. After that we went to Fat Cats (an arcade/theater/bowling/etc..) and we went glow putt putting (thanks to our starving student cards, we only paid 4 bucks!). It was way fun :) Sorry I don't have pictures. I left my camera in Ohio and just got it yesterday in the mail from my mom along with more cards with money. They just keep trickling in and it's fun because part of me feels rich! WOOOOHOOO 25 bucks! Today I got my ring back. I have missed it so much. I hate feeling like I have to fly under the radar because my marital status is not obvious without my ring on because after all, I look like I am 12.

The following are pictures of our new little apartment!

This is our cute bed.
This is our cute closet that has no door. Oh, hello world!
Left side of kitchen when you walk in to our humble abode.

Right Side.
Little Bathroom.
Living Room. And our nice T.V. that Jamie and Ryan got us :)
The other side of our living room. It has changed a little bit, there is now a couch on that wall where the table is and the table is on the other side by the T.V. I would take a picture, but it's a little messier than my liking.

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  1. Your bedroom is so cute, I totally want to copy it! Congrats on the one month!