Sunday, June 19, 2011

How we met!

There are so many things that could have prevented us from meeting.  1.) Jeff asked his mission president if they could send a request to the area presidency approving an extension on his mission, but his mission president told him that he thought it was best that Jeff went home when originally scheduled. Jeff got off of his mission on August 26, 2010 (exactly one year before we will be married...that was not planned). 2.) Jeff went to ISU (Idaho State University) before his mission and planned to go back and finish his degree there. About a month before he got off of his mission, he told his family that he wanted to go to BYU Idaho when he got back instead. So, his dad registered him for classes and got on the ball. Jeff got back from his mission 2 weeks before school started. 3.) If Jeff's dad would have put Jeff in a different English class, we probably would have never met. And the reason I say this is because our paths would not have crossed otherwise. We both have completely different majors, there's no way this girl would be an electrical engineer (I am majoring in Elementary Education).

Jeff and I met on September 9, 2011 (which  is the same day a year later we are having our wedding reception in Ohio and no that wasn't planned either!) in English class at the weeee hours of 7:45 in the morning. (Yeah, let me tell you that I probably only looked decent for this class for the first week, then it was rolling straight out of bed and into the closest outfit.) Even though this was technically the second day of classes, ( I had English Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and school started that Thursday) I still wasn't sure what to expect. I was still nervous and reserved. I walked into English and I sat down. Not in front, but not in back. The middle row is my comfort zone. Before class started, this guy behind me started talking to me. I am not sure exactly what he said. I imagine that he introduced himself to me...Jeff. And I smiled and listened politely, but honestly, I did not have any interest in socializing. Before class officially started and we said prayer, our teacher, Sister Croft told us all to get to know the people around us. And there went Jeff...again. He started talking. I just really didn't want to because I was shy, but he was persistent. And I wish I did, but I do not remember what we even talked about, my guess is probably something along the lines of "Where are you from" and "What year in school are you", you know, all the things you normally ask someone you first meet at school.  Come to find out later, that Jeff really is a shy guy himself, so this was all temporary until we really got to know each other better. So, that is how we met! :) And one last thing, my stake patriarch back home told me that I should stay away from Return Missionaries when I got there. Jeff introduced himself to the class and told us he just got off his mission from Argentina two weeks prior, but later on, I didn't care ;)

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