Monday, July 15, 2013


For Jeff's birthday, we decided to go on a Helicopter ride. Friday night we hitched up our car and drove the 4 hours to Meridian where we stayed the night. I just love staying in hotels, I think it is so fun! Saturday morning we got up, ate our hotel breakfast and headed off to explore the town. We went birthday shopping...again ha! When the time came, we drove to Caldwell.

The Helicopter we rode in!

Smaller, 2 passenger helicopter parked next to ours
Taking off, what a smooth ride!

Boise Stadium!

 After our Helicopter ride we decided to go to Rockies Diner. We heard about this little joint on Man vs. Food so we thought we should try it and it was very good! Jeff got the Earthquake burger (go big or go home) and I got the Teriyaki Bacon Chicken sandwich....YUM!

The Challenge he did on Man vs. Food

 Off Subject: Yesterday I successfully made my very first loaf of bread. Honey Oat Bread. The past two times I have attempted to make bread...I forgot the concept of letting the dough rise. It's fine.

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