Sunday, April 14, 2013

Now that school's out...

Now that school's out...I can tell you some funny things (or just normal) that have happened during the semester that I didn't have time to write about.

1. Love is...when your husband realizes that he forgot his belt and finds you on campus just to borrow your rhinestone belt for the day and you willingly give it up because that's how much you love him. Good thing he was wearing a shirt that would cover it because I wasn't about to offer him my shirt too.

2. Entertaining is...when it's a super windy day that you wonder why you even decided to brush your hair that morning and as you are walking to work you come across a guy on campus who was walking backwards. Not for a second. For a solid 3 minutes. I know because I will admit that I watched him until I couldn't see him anymore and after arguing with myself for those 3 minutes I decided against taking a video.

3. Heart-pumping is...when you are sitting on the bottom floor of the MC (building on campus) just minding your own business when a girl decides to set her book bag down two chairs away from you and then asks you to watch it (ummm...okay, you just got here and now you're leaving? Whatever). All of a sudden a guy walks up, grabs her book bag and starts hauling off with it. Umm...okay this is just awesome, I love confrontation, but what's a girl supposed to do? So I stand up amongst many who are quietly studying and I pointed to that guy and said "Hey, that's not yours!" So the guy stops and laughs and says "good"...Excuse me? Good? Then he proceeds to come over and tell me that they were performing an experiment for a class. All of a sudden that girl and two other people come over. Awesome. Let's just call it a party shall we? Have you seen that show on Dateline NBC called "What would you do?"

4. Fun is... having an NCIS sleepover on the living room floor JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!

5. Relieved is...when you finally finish a beastly semester that was more painful than going to the doctor's to get a shot (yes, I really hate shots that much. thanks).

6. Delicious is... when you are on the look-out for a nice jambalaya recipe and come across this little gem: Jambalaya with an Orzo Twist. See our picture of this on previous post.

8. Sad is...when some really good friends move and begin a new chapter in their lives.

 7. Craftiness is...when you made the best thing you have ever made in your life (thanks Jamie for the drive to be creative):
 Next week we are off to the great Moab,Utah with Jeff's side of the  family for lots of FUN! I will be sure to take pictures so don't you worry!

We love life :)

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