Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life as IT gets closer :)

Meet my family!

My sister Sydney and I :)
My cute brother Ian

 And then there is that fun thing that I am in the process of doing. It's called packing... Just for everyone's information, I am sending 9 packages out to Idaho tomorrow morning. Maybe if I tell them I am getting married and I am just a poor college student, they'll give me a discount? I wish it worked that way. I would be a really happy camper. But we're probably looking in the ballpark of $150-$200. Sad. There goes some good, hard earned, McDonald's money.
Me and the FAM are headed out on Tuesday so this is going to be the last blog post before I am married. I am so excited to get married to my best friend. He is so great. I love him to death! And I hope he still loves me after he sees those 9 boxes that come in the mail. :) Wish us luck at the temple!P.S. Sorry I don't have a picture of my parents. I will sometime though. Probably in the wedding pictures!


  1. Thanks Jackie! Sooooo I won't tell anyone, but Jeff told me that you guys have exciting news as well. Hope that's going smoothly and things haven't changed! Congrats!